“That’s a good-lookin’ rip,” Matt Flynn called out to his competitor from the 18th hole at the Pendleton King Park course in Augusta, Ga.

Ten eyeballs followed the plastic projectile as it flew through the air like a turbo-charged UFO, covering nearly 220 yards and landing near a metal basket with a chain-link fringe. All that was required now: a short throw by a steady hand into the basket’s maw. Then off to the next hole and the next rip.

In Augusta,drop such athletic terms as “greens,” “putter” and “needs more mustard,” and everyone assumes that you’re talking about the Masters, the legendary golf tournament held each April at Augusta National Golf Club. But on a recent Sunday morning, the players were neither sporting fancy pants nor shouldering gleaming irons. Instead, they wore crumpled T-shirts and dusty sneakers and toted around colorful orbs as small as dessert plates. These men, and a few women, represented the every-Augustan sport of disc golf.

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