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In Augusta, Ga., playing golf, but not the kind you think


“That’s a good-lookin’ rip,” Matt Flynn called out to his competitor from the 18th hole at the Pendleton King Park course in Augusta, Ga.

Ten eyeballs followed the plastic projectile as it flew through the air like a turbo-charged UFO, covering nearly 220 yards and landing near a metal basket with a chain-link fringe. All that was required now: a short throw by a steady hand into the basket’s maw. Then off to the next hole and the next rip.

In Augusta,drop such athletic terms as “greens,” “putter” and “needs more mustard,” and everyone assumes that you’re talking about the Masters, the legendary golf tournament held each April at Augusta National Golf Club. But on a recent Sunday morning, the players were neither sporting fancy pants nor shouldering gleaming irons. Instead, they wore crumpled T-shirts and dusty sneakers and toted around colorful orbs as small as dessert plates. These men, and a few women, represented the every-Augustan sport of disc golf.

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A Memorial Back to Back


Will Schusterick and Dave Feldberg played absolutely lights out golf at the Memorial. They fought hard. They made it look easy. And then there was Paul McBeth. Paul is calm, cool, and collected. He’s not flashy, but this weekend, he was as perfect as you could ever hope to be. Booming, accurate drives combined with rock-solid putting made him simply impossible to catch, much less beat. Paul cruised to a -44 to become the second player in history to win back-to-back at the Memorial Championship.

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David Wiggins Gets the Win at Disc Golf’s Inaugural Spring Fling and Ching in Statesville, NC


Disc golf’s Inaugural Spring Fling & Ching was held in at the Bell & Howard Chevrolet Disc Golf Course in Statesville, North Carolina, 40 miles north of Charlottte, over the past weekend, March 3-4. This PDGA sanctioned B-Tier event had 69 players come out to compete, and once again, it was David Wiggins, Jr. of High Point, North Carolina who got the win in the open division with a final score of 35-under par.

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Brian Schweberger Wins Again at Disc Golf’s Loriella Challenge in Spotsylvania, Virginia


The Loriella Challenge for Pros took place at the Loriella Park Disc Golf Course in Spotsylvania, Virginia on Sunday, March 4, 2012, with 72 disc golf players taking part in this PDGA sanctioned B-Tier event. Once again, Brian Schweberger of Tarboro, North Carolina emerged the winner in the open division with a final score of 14-under par. Just last weekend he got the victory in the Luther Britt Win or Swim IV held in Lumberton, North Carolina, and the weekend before he finished the Swingin DBs Chain Bangers Bash II in third place.

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Celebrities Who Play Disc


Disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the world with courses found across every continent on the planet. One of the top disc golf professionals in the world, Avery Jenkins, has played on over 350 of those courses in 42 states and nine countries. With the sport spreading so quickly, there are bound to be at least a few celebrities who enjoy tossing a disc. Here is a look at five, technically seven, of the famous who play.

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Team #Innova Dominates e Start of 2012


While you were busy knocking winter’s dust off your Traveler, Team Innova has wasted no time setting the season’s early competitive pace.
One of the biggest headlines so far this year is the addition of Nikko Locastro to the Innova Star Team. Nikko is traveling with Dave Feldberg and Will Schusterick on the Non-Stop Disc Golf Tour, where they plan to hit over 40 events in 2012.

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Brian Schweberger Wins Disc Golf’s Luther Britt Win or Swim IV in Lumberton, NC


The Luther Britt Win or Swim IV was held in Lumberton, NC over the weekend of February 25-26, 2012 with 45 disc golf players taking part in this PDGA sanctioned B-Tier event at the Luther Britt Disc Golf Course.

It was Brian Schweberger of Tarboro, North Carolina who was crowned champion in the open division, with an impressive final score of 21-under par. Last weekend at the Swingin DBs Chain Bangers Bash II, Schweberger finished in third place, and he was the winner of last month’s New Year Ripper II in addition to numerous victories last year, including the the Savannah Open, and the Fall Disc Golf Classic.

Terry Gallops of Raleigh, North Carolina who often plays alongside Schweberger, finished just behind him in second place with a final score of 18-under par. He came in at second place last weekend at the Swingin DBs Chain Bangers Bash II, and was the winner of last year’s North Carolina Flying Disc Championships in addition to many other victories.

At third place, scoring at even par was Chris Bryant of Autryville, North Carolina, and Dan Lambeth of Raleigh scored 4-over par to take fourth place in the open division.

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